Luxus Capital, LLC collects a wide variety of firearms. To help make it easier for you to find what you have more interest in, we created three categories of firearms.

Mueller Murgenthal

The Mueller Murgenthal category contains only Mueller Murgenthal firearms. These are firearms made for royalty and heads of state and are intricately engraved with gold inlay and artistic ornaments attached. 

Prototypes & Collectibles

The Prototypes & Collectibles category contains firearms, which are generally prototypes, low serial numbers, limited production, and/or rare brands like HK P7s, Colt 1911 prototypes, and S&W engraved 1911.

High Performance

The High-Performance category contains high-quality production firearms like Sig Mastershop. These are part of the High-Performance category, which features high-quality production firearms.


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